Small-scale farming is the principal source of livelihood for many in Kenya. Agriculture provides 71 percent of employment and accounts for over 25 percent of Kenya‘s GDP. One of the best ways to increase the incomes and food security of these small-scale farmers is for them to irrigate their land. Appropriate irrigation technologies enable farmers to grow multiple cycles of high-value crops throughout the year, generate higher yields, and most importantly, harvest and sell their crops in the dry season when prices are higher. Irrigated crops in the off-season sell for as much as 10 times more per kilogram than rain-fed crops.

Around 800,000 rural farming families (or around 4 million people) in Kenya could benefit from using pumps. Despite the relatively low cost of this pumps, however, they are still beyond the reach of many poor farmers who often have irregular incomes and find it difficult to pay the large up-front cost of the pump and maintenance i.e. Buying diesel, service ,expertise, pipes just but to name a few.


The solution: Creative financing options to expand technology access for small-scale farmers


As  FarmBoost we have a permanent solution to all this. We finance 100% to women and youth groups across the country.

With our Agronomists and financial experts on board we educate farmer on the new ways of farming and how to make money through farming. Encouraging farmers to start doing Agribusiness from doing Agriculture.


What you need:


  • You need to be in a group of not less than seven people
  • You must have an active account with a treasurer
  • If you have the land then you must present the Title deed and other necessary documentations to prove ownership. Not as collateral
  •  Personal property items (such as machinery) if you have any
  • Map of fields/cropping
  • Lease agreements for properties to be farmed
  • Insurance policies for your project
  • plan including marketing plan, long-range changes, pattern of ownership, planned purchases and sales of the produce.
  • Do you owe income tax on income received or assets already sold? This should show up on balance sheets and income statements.
  • NO upfront fees
  • No collateral  

The potential: impact and implications

Our financing systems give a poorer segment of farmers access to the same tools as their wealthier counterparts. Access to these funds promotes higher earnings and more secure livelihoods.

We will be in partnership for a minimum of two seasons their after we will exit leaving one of our Agronomist and a financial expert to stay with the group for a minimum of three seasons to make sure the group masters the rhythm. We will then exit completely leaving all the machineries and equipments with the group.

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